Gilman’s News
Gemini Pro has grandly debuted with new look
The Gemini Pro Premium Black line has been launched, abandoning popular pastel colours in favour of noble and elegant black. In addition to the previously announced g40 40L multi-functional flagship steam oven, the same series of tiny appliances has been shown one after the other. Different items will be launched in the future, integrating innovation and technology.
Gilman has been honored with the "Star Award 2022."
Gilman has committed to tight product quality control and a professional and courteous service attitude since 1841, adapting sales techniques with the times and optimizing customer shopping experience. Gilman was recently honored as the "Hong Kong Star Brand 2022" by the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association. In order to create a much long-term value and strengthen our competitive advantages, Gilman has started to invest in transformation through digital optimization, and seek to become a well-known brand in the future.
De Dietrich Hong Kong has raised awareness by staging a joint press conference and tram advertisement.
Gilman and Vanke Hong Kong recently conducted a press conference in Admiralty's De Dietrich shop. The goal is to introduce a new residential development project called "BONDLANE I" to the media and show them the French royal brand De Dietrich kitchen appliances that are installed in the unit. Residents are given domestic amenities such as cooking and laundry care, and the facilities are user-friendly. Furthermore, black and gold De Dietrich trams can be found on Hong Kong Island. They visited Hong Kong Island in August and September of this year, which is rich in history. De Dietrich aspires to garner greater public support and become the city's most popular built-in cookware brand.
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