Cellini Multi-functional Electronic Ceramic Stew/Soup Pot

Brand: Cellini
Model No. : CSP800

Product Feature

Power: 800-950W
8 Multi-functions preset programs: Soup, Stew, Dessert, Porridge, Rice, Keep Warm, Quick Steaming and Hotpot
Built-in temperature control technology to accurate the temperature when cooking
High quality ceramic stew pot allow preserving the taste of food
9.9-hour preset timer on cooking functions
304 Stainless steel pot with glass cover
Dry burning-resistant protection
Equipped with a large cooking pot, 4 ceramic stew inner pot and a stainless steel steam rack
- A 4L large pot suit for hotpot, soup, porridge pot and spicy string
- A 2.2L ceramic pot suit for stew, porridge and desserts
- 3 x 0.5L ceramic pot suit for stew, rice and dessert
Product size: 240(W) x 295(H) x 296(D) mm
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