Gemini Ionic Uv HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Brand: Gemini
Model No. : GAP12

Product Feature

Power : 5W
3-Layers Purification System: it consists of Primary filter, HEPA 13 filter & Nano photocatalyst filter
Effectively on removing dust as 99.97%, formaldehyde removal, inhalable particulates, killing bacteria 99% and dispelling peculiar smell etc
Negative ion and UV lamp functions
A mini plant stand is equipped, allow keeping aquatic/soil cultivation plants on top of it for further purifying effect
Touch panel control with two Air wind speeds
Bring fragrant air by adding essential oil on cotton slot
Filter replacement reminder signal
Applicable Area: ≦10m2
Product size(W x H x D): 155 x 190 x 155 (with plant stand) /155 x 130 x 155 (without plant stand)
Dimension: 190(H)x155(W)x155(D) mm
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