Gemini Garment Steamer

Brand: Gemini
Model No. : GGS175G

Product Feature

Power: 1750W
Quick and strong steam output in 45 seconds
2 power settings, suitable for all types of fabric
1.1L capacity water tank for 30 minutes continuous use
1.6m lightweight and flexible hose
Double insulated safe hose
Empty tank and overheat safety auto-off protection
Accessories: Telescopic height-adjustable pole, Flexible hanger, 2 in 1 Line clip + Anti-dust Brush, Position fix hanger
Dimension: 220(H) x 340(W) x 300(D)mm (main unit) / 220(H) x 340(W) x 1590(D) mm (with rods)
Dimension: 220(H)x340(W)x300(D) mm
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