Gemini Marvel Eyeglasses Ultrasonic Cleaner

Brand: Gemini
Model No. : GUC30BMTS

Product Feature

Personal ultrasonic cleaner for eyeglasses, rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces or denture
48KHz Ultrasonic frequency per second, remove dirt without cleaning detergent
Power consumption : 30W
Automatically cleaning switch off about 5 minutes
304 Stainless steel cleaning tank and easy cleaning
Transparent lid for easy viewing
Simple operation with on-switch control
Anti-vibration with non-slip feet for safety operation
With indicator light turn on signal
Provide stable cleaning of objects inside the basket
Light weight in 530g (with basket)
Overheat protection
350ml Capacity (Max. line)
Accessory : Basket and detachable Power cord
Product size : 188 (W) x 97(H) x 85(D) mm
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