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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries' new air-conditioning television commercials are now airing
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has recently introduced the R32 remote control window type air conditioner series. New TV advertising were also widely distributed on TVB, ViuTV, and in MTR In-train TV. The slender body has an integrated UV-C ultraviolet light that inactivates bacteria* while simultaneously spreading clean and cool air in all directions and safeguarding the family's health. At the same time, it has an intelligent wireless network control function, remote control switches and functions, and it is simple to adjust the comfort level.

Some functions are only applicable to specific models
*UV-C ultraviolet light inactivates bacteria:
Window Type Air Conditioner: Tested and certified by Intertek (2022), report number 220520025GZU-001, test method: Technical Standard For Disinfection.
^WIFI wireless network control function: only suitable for WRK20/26/35MEC1 window type air-con models.