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Oclean A.I. Smart Toothbrush with Color Touch Screen
Oclean has officially landed in Hong Kong, and has appointed Gilman Group Limited as the general agent of Oclean in Hong Kong and Macau, selling Oclean’s full range of oral care products and providing maintenance services.

Oclean was the first brand to launch a colour touch screen electric toothbrush, combining intelligence and digitization to comprehensively analyse the user’s brushing pattern, blind spots and other helpful data while generating a continuous brushing health report to provide precise oral care through digital methods, enabling users to enjoy a more scientifically advanced and more comfortable personalised oral care programme.

To cater to the new opportunities in e-commerce, we have worked with DCH’s e-Commerce Division to develop an online marketing strategy. Through users’ recommendation to others after trying the new tooth cleaning experience, we established a solid reputation, which worked to greatly and rapidly increase the popularity of the Oclean brand.

We strive to give you healthy teeth and a radiant smile to boost your self-confidence!