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Gree Summer Comprehensive Promotion
Gree Air Conditioner has launched a series of indoor and outdoor advertisements this summer. Starting from May, a number of TV advertisements have been launched in a large number of radio and video channels. The new series of advertisements on trams, buses and bus seat backs has been released around Hong Kong, Kowloon, the heart of the New Territories and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel during the summer vacation. The advertisement for the newly launched window air conditioner is titled “5 in 1 Breakthroughs, Unrivalled”, and it shows that the Gree R32 air conditioner series comes with many outstanding aspects such as Class 1 energy saving feature, UV sterilization, constant temperature frequency conversion, WIFI remote control, a durable double black diamond coating and many more. Additionally, many distributors and their sales vendors had set up special Gree counters and the advertisements had been launched in different online media platforms, such as YouTube and